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Re-imagine the mess in your tackle bag. Spend more time fishing and less time untangling hooks to find what you need with boxes designed to clear the clutter.



Securely organize your tackle and grab exactly what you need mess and tangle-free.


Durable, waterproof storage to protect your tackle from the elements and drops.


No more lost tackle to the bottom of the lake or ice hole, our boxes float.


Sick of tangled trebles when grabbing a glide bait out of your tackle box? The Stone Glide Bait Box has individual slots that separate each bait preventing tangles and chipped paint.

Change out baits easier and get your line back in the water faster.

Panfish Box

Enough space for all your favorite panfish jigs and spoons but small enough to fit in the pocket of your ice jacket or bibs.

Hole hopping just got a lot easier.

Best Fishing Tackle Boxes Stone Tackle
Stone Tackle Box - Stone Tackle

The Original

If you are looking for one box that does it all - this is it. Made to hold hundreds of your favorite lures and compact enough to pack in your bag, tackle box, or rod locker. Perfect for both your summer and ice season.

No More Tangles

Secure organizations keeps your fingertips free from pokes and prevents lost time due to the dreaded treble hook tangle.


Premium Soft Plastics

Freedom Baitz is a small, veteran-owned company that makes some of the softest panfish plastics on the market by hand right here in the USA. We are excited to carry a selection of our favorite profiles and colors!

Check them out below and order some to try with your next Stone Tackle purchase. Pro Tip: bait your favorite panfish jigs with them and store them rigged up in your Panfish Box for an even easier grab-and-go setup.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"High quality jig box that will easily hold a large assortment of even your heavy jigs, highly recommended!"

Lowell Miller - LToutdoors

"Boom! All of my tackle in one organized, transparent storage box. This is the last box I'll ever need!" - Russel S.