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What Sets Our Boxes Apart?

What Sets Our Boxes Apart?


Proper organization and storage of your fishing tackle can make or break your time on the water. There’s nothing more frustrating than sorting through piles of tangled lures and messy tackle trays just to locate the one lure you need. Stone Tackle boxes were made to solve this problem and more to help you to spend more time fishing, waste less time when it matters most, and protect your investments.

Fit More In Less Space with Dual-Sided Storage

Our boxes were designed to hold more and take up less space. Each of our boxes are dual-sided with either individual slots (Glide Bait Box) or slotted foam (Original and Panfish Boxes) to hold your lures securely in their place without tangling any hooks together. Because of this secure, individualized organization for every single hook, your lures cannot tangle, even when you shake the box and toss it around. Plus, you can see everything you have with a quick glance through the transparent lids. Our customers often end up needing far less boxes overall since their Stone Tackle boxes often hold quite a bit more than their average tackle tray counterparts in the same amount of space. For example, our Original Stone Tackle box can hold over 200 average open water jigs on EACH SIDE.

Improved Tackle Organization

Customer Paul L.'s tackle box transformation shown above. Several jumbled tackle trays organized down to just 2 Stone Tackle Boxes (both sides of each box shown). 


Protection From The Elements

Anglers know all too well that wet tackle leads to rusty, dull hooks and ultimately, missed hook sets. A rainy day in the boat or slush on the ice can easily cause your average tackle tray to leak moisture in due to the lack of tight seal. Our boxes have a rubber gasket with a secure latch so that your lures are fully protected from water, slush, snow, and even dust. You can set them out in the rain, lay them in a slush puddle, forget them in the bed of your truck, or even drop them overboard and rest assured that your tackle is going to stay clean and dry. To top things off with even further protection, this waterproof gasket ensures that your box will float. Whether you knock your Original Stone Tackle Box off the dock or the edge or your boat, or your Panfish Box slips into an ice hole, you can recover it easily without having to try to dig it up from the bottom of the lake.

Durability You Can Count On

When it comes to ice fishing especially, you need tackle boxes than can withstand extreme conditions and getting bumped around in a sled. Our boxes are made out of a heavier duty ABS plastics that holds up to some of the most extreme temperatures and conditions. If it’s twenty below and you’re traveling miles across a lake, your Stone Tackle boxes will withstand the rough, cold conditions without cracking and falling apart like your average flimsy tackle tray.

Meet the Boxes: Usage and Sizing Guide

Our Original Stone Box is our largest box at 11.6” x 8.5” x 2.25” in size and holds the most lures by far. You can use it for just about anything including jigs, spoons, flies, and your small to medium sized cranks and glide baits. This box fits in your standard tackle bags and backpacks as it is roughly the size of a standard tackle tray.
The Panfish Box is substantially smaller at 6” x 4” x 2” in size. This small box can fit inside most bib pockets so your setup is that much more portable when hole hopping. This box is perfect for your smallest jigs and spoons, but if you want a compact grab and go with a few larger lures, you can use it for that as well with a few of your favorite small to medium sized cranks or glide baits.
Our newest introduction, the Glide Bait Box, was designed to fill the gaps in your large bait storage needs. At 8.5" x 5.5" x 1.5" in size, this box does not have foam inserts but does have separated slots for each bait so you aren’t fighting tangled trebles on your cranks or glide baits.


If you want to snag all three boxes, we currently have a limited time Stone Tackle Box Kit available that will save you 20% off as compared to buying each box individually. Another way to score more storage for less with Stone Tackle.

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